Friday, June 4, 2021

The Stars Aligned

 If you have been reading this blog for even a minute - you know I LOVE using leftovers and scraps, bits and parts. I wanted to use up (yeah - right!) more half-square triangles and maybe even clean off another paper plate and stitch something using MORE 1.5" strips.

You can read about how this project came to be right here ... on the M&M Sew Charming Blog.

This whole thing just went together, practically on its own. I just sewed and it's like the quilt knew what it wanted to be when it grew up. That's not to say that I didn't have a few hiccups along the way ... I am still ME!

I did NOT press and square-up between each round of sewing and I REALLY should have. The blocks didn't turn out great. I ended up trimming off a bit too much on the final round. This left me with fairly limited options for settings.

There were many possibilities for different setting options but the problem was - none of the seams that touched were going to match. It was very obvious that my stitching, pressing, squaring wasn't the best.

But ... I'm a clever gal and there was 1 option that did not require uneven seams to be hopelessly unmatched ... SASHING!!

AND ... yes, there was a hiccup (actually 2). Thankfully, when I took the photo, the errant blocks were very obvious and I could quickly correct THAT mistake.

On to the border!

I auditioned several different blacks and several different greens - nope. I was very close to going to a quilt shop and buying a border fabric ... NOOOOOOO !!!!  Keep looking. In the bottom of the bin, I found the perfect green ombre. - it was going to look awesome!

Except ...
I didn't have quite enough (of course). These hiccups were driving me crazy. Now what? I went with my favorite of all time border - piano keys. I simply pieced up some the leftover strips and strings and added it to the one side to make the border fit.


It's all quilted and squared-up and ready for binding and a label. Hopefully, no more hiccups. What could possibly go wrong? Misspell my name? I really should not have said that out loud.

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