Sunday, January 10, 2021

Just Today

The thing about slow days ... I do love them and sometimes I get a lot done and sometimes I don't. hmmm ... much like fast days, I guess. January 10th and my list is growing - both done and to-do.

I finished a couple of knitting projects. 


This is the 2nd time I've made this shawl. It has enough going on to keep me interested and enough mindless knitting to keep me watching Netflix. My Cute Husband and I have been watching Downton Abbey - I know ... we're last to this party.

The Nomadic Knits MKAL - 12 Days of Knitmas
DONE! and as Amelia would say - Big Heavy.

At some point - this month (?) I should change out the Christmas quilts in the guest room.

I also finished a crochet sweater but I need to dive into the Button Box before it's officially DONE.

I've started on my collection of 2021 socks.

Every couple of days I catch up on my Temperature Scarf.
2 rows a day - hi and low temps.

there is sewing!
A new M&M Sew Charming Challenge! I'm using a jelly roll and lots of scrappy strips. This quilt is probably going on Amelia's bed - bright and happy.

I'm thinking maybe - on point. I'll decide once I get lots of blocks made.
Maybe sashing? I'm liking the idea of NOT matching up lots of pieced intersections.

These little cuties have been unearthed from last summer. They will be a border. It's on the January list - here's hoping!!!

Today is Sunday, it's cold outside - yes, here in Central Florida it does get chilly. I have started making my to-do list for this week. A good list is priceless - just realized I'm double-booked for Wednesday. Unfortunately, the Dr. appointment must take priority over the quilt guild board meeting.

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