Saturday, June 27, 2020

6 Inches

What do you with a stack of 6(ish) inch blocks? I dug deep into the scary vloset and pulled out a small stack of plastic bins. 

Nothing fell on my head!

Years ago, my MD guild did a program on orphan blocks. We built some tops and swapped some parts and I adopted a "few" things.

14 little basket blocks came home. I'm guessing they were made by the same person. I have no idea who but they are well-made and from some old fabrics.

Dare I say vintage? 

They are on-point. I'm thinking of adding corners to set them straight. 


Like most of my quilts - it will evolve into something.  We'll all be surprised!

There were other blocks in the bag with the baskets. 

These likely will not be mixed in with the baskets.

But ... maybe pieced into the backing.

The sibling baskets will stay together and their adopted cousins will be close by.

The other bins? I'm saving them for another time. 

Today, I need to make another dozen donation masks - the need is still great. While sewing, I will also be attending a virtual fiber festival. YARN LOUNGE is this afternoon. YARN LOUNGE

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