Wednesday, October 4, 2017

"B" Side

Gyleen Fitzgerald calls it a "B side quilt". Amanda Jean Nyberg simply calls it - a great back.  Both of these fab-o quilters have recently taught classes for my guild.  Both of these fab-o quilters often make awesome pieced quilt backs.

I used to think pieced backs were frowned upon by the quilt monarchy.  I did often piece backs but it somehow felt a bit like cheating.  Cheating?  This is dumb ... it takes a lot longer to piece a back than it does to use an extra-wide or stitch up yardage. AND ... it uses up the fabric that might otherwise sit on my cutting table (or floor) for months.

This is the back of my Old Moda #3.  The back is pretty.

I love this quilt and I love the back.

My sisters (the Goofys) were here visiting and left this morning.  I spent a good part of the afternoon stitching up a "B-side Quilt."

The front of this quilt isn't quite finished.  All the blocks are made. The top is about 1/2 done. The back ... is ready.

It is a really dreary rainy day. Kitchen photos will have to do.  The colors look a bit washed out but it really is pretty.

The rest of this rainy day will be spent knitting.

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Pieced Brain Quilt Designs said...

I love your quilt backs. I am not fond of piecing backs but do it because otherwise there is no finished project!