Thursday, September 7, 2017


Good morning Blog Friends!  It's been quiet here on the blog but definitely NOT quiet here around the house.  We're watching and prepping and soon ... waiting.

Ahead of the storm, last weekend, we went on an adventure. Our friends Karen and Don took us on a short kayak paddle on a canal off the Indian River.  It was so fun! There will be more of this in our future for sure.

Here's our Irma checklist ...
My Cute Husband
1. Calk the gap under the screen door on the patio - DONE
2. Get the generator gassed up and running
3. Board up the windows
4. Gas up the cars - DONE
5. Get some cash from the atm
6. Ice, water, snacks - DONE
7. Sand bag the patio - DONE
8. Drain some water from the pool

My checklist
1. Download and print a couple of knitting patterns - DONE
2. Prep some hand applique for my Flower Garden quilt - DONE
3. Download a book - DONE ... I've decided to read the Outland Series
4. Get a pedicure ... this afternoon
5. Bake cookies for the Cop-Shop DONE. Melbourne police are activated for the duration of storm

I'm just about done with my hurricane prep list.  Steve will be done sometime tomorrow.  We'll be ready.

In the meantime ... I've been really enjoying knitting this shawl, End of Summer, with my hand-dyed yarn.

And ... to add a little humor into our Irma-Prep day.  On the way to my 2nd grade volunteer gig, I drive past this auto repair shop.  It's at a traffic light and they always have the funniest things on their sign.  I caught the red light this week.


Pat said...

Good luck with Irma! Sounds like you are well prepared.Oh, and you will love Outlander.

Loretto said...

Stay safe and keep on knitting and reading.

MK Kerr said...

In-laws left Merritt Island on Tuesday about noon. No hotels throughout Florida. They may head to her sister's in VA. Kirsten and her men are hunkering down with all the animals--two labradors, three cats, one prairie dog, one 8-10 foot's a small Noah's Ark. Thinking and praying for you all.

roth phallyka said...

Sounds like you are well prepared.Oh, and you will love Outlander.