Thursday, August 31, 2017

What Now?

Every morning (well, most mornings), My Cute Husband and I have coffee with Mom outside on the back patio.  And, every morning I have some sort of project with me.  The other day, Mom asked, "how do you decide which project to work on?"

This is my view while drinking the coffee and working on something.

I was thinking about this question ... how do I decide what to work on?  There is ALWAYS something to work.  In fact, there is always several somethings to choose.

Sometimes it's a deadline ... whether an actual one or one that's in my head.  I really wanted this border done by the end of August ... today.

But, this isn't a "grab and go" ... unless the prep work is done first.  Prep work requires a light box and an iron.  And I think it will be done before the day is over. I did work on it this morning.

Sometimes it's just fun and I'm on a roll and want to get them done.

These were made in 8 days. Socks are usually a "grab and go" project, as long as I have the stitch pattern memorized.

Then there's this shawl.

This was often my early morning hand project ... right up until I got to the lace edge.  The knitting part isn't hard but I really have to pay attention to the pattern. This is harder to do while drinking coffee and chatting.

There is another shawl - the one with the hand dyed yarn.  I've done a few rows. I need the pattern at the beginning of each row but the knitting is easy - so far.  This will probably be my early morning project after I get that quilt border done (TODAY!!)

And there's a sweater (a class project), this might be an early morning project, but probably more of "TV time" project.

There's also another sock but that one stays by the back door.  It's a great "take along" project as there's no pattern, no notions, just yarn and needles.

Today's sewing finish ...

The counselor at Kid#2 school's loves aprons. She always wears one at school but this one ... no pockets! She needs pockets.  

Tomorrow, she will have an apron with pockets.


Quiltblocksandmore said...

It's funny you should try to answer the question 'how do you choose?' Today I was thinking of that and other questions I'd like to ask. I'm not sure I could answer any of them without a lot of thought. Love the apron!

Pat said...

I think it is great that you always have something you can work on. No wonder you get so much done.