Sunday, August 27, 2017


There was a whole lot of time spent with other people this past week. Lots of quilting, stitching, knitting and talking.

Monday I spent the day with 2nd graders and watched the eclipse.  The kids were SOOO excited leading up it, but a bit disappointed that "this is it?".

Tuesday was hand stitching - more work on the border of my Flower Garden applique quilt.

Wednesday was spent at home catching up and prepping for the rest of the week. Wednesday night was my knitting group at Barnes and Noble.

Thursday was a Sew-Fun Day with my quilt guild. Big room, lots of space and light, fun conversations - to engage and to listen.

TGIF ... thanks to a great TV marketing department, we all know what this means. For me ... it's my 2x a month quilt circle. We had a demo/sew day for a great quilt called "Crayon Box".  Unfortunately, I have no photo of the completed quilt. Adrienne had already donated it.

I currently have 5 "in process" quilts. This does not include the many UFO's I always have in the wings. I decided not work on the crayon box quilt (YET). Instead, I worked on my string quilt.

Decision time ... It actually has 2 more rows since this photo. Border or no border?

Saturday was more peopling ... my knitting group got together for a Dye Day.  This deserves it's own blog post.  I LOVE dying yarn!

And now it's Sunday ... an early morning motorcycle ride with My Cute Husband and Kid#2 and her husband, with a stop for a yummy breakfast.  This afternoon is World of Beer knitting and sports.  This has been the most peopling I've done in a long time.  Next week is looking pretty peoply too.


Apple Avenue Quilts said...

No border, it's perfect.

Pat said...

I agree - no border. I love that approach to a string quilt.

Loretto said...

No border. Sure sounds like you have been a very busy lady. Glad you are enjoying your time.