Thursday, May 11, 2017

Something New

Today I finished knitting a shawl. The pretty yarn was a Christmas gift. It will be going on vacation with me in June ... perfect for a cruise.  It will look a little different after I block it.

Knitting a shawl isn't new, neither is finishing a shawl.  I'm usually pretty good about finishing my knitting starts. Having a little leftover yarn isn't new.
But ...
what I did with the leftover yarn IS new - for me. 

I couched!

on this quilt

A couple of years ago, Starlyn (who now lives in Australia and I miss ... a lot), and I made Bargello quilts.  Well - I made mine, I don't know if she ever made hers.  The colors on the quilt were much like the yarn in the shawl and I really wanted to try couching on my Handiquilter. I had the capability for a couple years. I did not have the courage, until today.

In order to couch on a quilt ... you need a quilt.

I have a quilt.

and it now has  a few couched-yarn-flowers.

It took more yarn than I expected. I would have like to make more flowers but - for now ... couching is complete.

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