Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Visitors ... LOTS

My Maryland quilting buddies left early this morning ... insert sad face.  We said our good-byes last night, had our last laughs and final discussions on the best ways to save the world. They were so quiet, I slept right through their departure.

What a fun week! We did not sew a stitch ... not 1 ... very unusual for us. But we went to the beach and out to eat and yakked and yakked and laughed and visited the Kennedy Space Center.  Sometimes, it takes having company to enjoy things right in your own backyard.

My Cute Husband and I will enjoy a return visit with other friends. We did not get to see and enjoy all this place has to offer. The overwhelming awesomeness of our space program has to be seen in person.  Stupid statement ... but so true ... There are some REALLY smart people in our world.

And ... because I am a quilter. While the sewing buddies were off to the "other coast" over the weekend, I did manage to sew these blocks into a quilt top.  I'm thinking, scrappy piano key border.

The Quilters left at 6 a.m. and by noon, My Cute Husband's brother and his wife will be arriving.  The beds have been changed, bathrooms cleaned.  This B & B is ready!

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