Friday, December 2, 2016

Deep Breath

Deep Breath and jump in ... I finished loading up my Jack's Star quilt and ... started quilting it.  I decided that I was probably overthinking it.  I can do this!

I also decided that, just like I am no longer "saving" fabric for the perfect quilt, I am no longer going to "get 'er done" fast and furious with the quilting ... unless a particular quilt needs that simple over-all free-motion design.  And yes, some do.

I actually broke out some tools. A stencil (to mark some registration lines), a Pounce pad - mine is so old - it's the original (powder brushes off) AND ... a ruler.  I don't do much (any?) ruler work. It's way past time to start practicing some of the techniques I learned at Handiquilter Academy.

Almost 1/3 done and no tears or even any cuss words. Stopping for today. We're headed to Tampa for a hockey game this weekend (GO CAPS!) but I will be back at this quilt come Monday.

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