Saturday, December 17, 2016

Cookie Day

Steve's favorite Christmas cookies are frosted sugar cookies ... and I make them EVERY year. Several times I have tried (and failed) with the roll-out-cookie-cutter sugar cookies. Using different recipes did not help.  One year, I bought, from a bakery, already made cut out cookies and we frosted/decorated them. One year, I realized that round was a perfectly fine shape.

 Then ... I switched to Slice and Bake!  Hurray!! They taste good and come out perfect every time.

Today was Family Cookie Decorating Day. I baked the cookies earlier in the week. I watched a dozen videos on royal icing (really jazzing things up this year!) And I prepped before the kids came over.

Even Mom was involved this year.

Usually we FROST the cookies but this year we're DECORATING,  I did watch all those YouTube videos. I even bought icing bags!  

I did not, however, stick the decorative tip in the bag before adding the icing.

Kid#2 simply snipped off the end and away we went.

Making memories, sharing traditions, spending time together.

We are a fun family.

THEN ...
I started week 4 of the Bonnie Hunter 2016 Mystery.

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