Tuesday, November 29, 2016

My Time

Typical Monday morning ... beds and bathrooms and laundry. But the afternoon ... all mine! 4 hours of hanging out in my sewing room. And then? Mom wanted to go out for wings. No dinner to cook, a great day!

When I started the Buttermilk Basin Mystery BOM, I figured out pretty fast, this quilt might not make sense in my new Florida home. I dabbled a bit over the year. Now, I'm getting serious.

I prepped more blocks for evening tv time.

And, I still had more of the "Old Moda" so, I prepped another quilt. I do love this Crossroads Pattern.

1 block made!

And, I wrapped a few Christmas gifts

While all this was going on ... I started watching Gilmore Girls.  Not the NEW one, I started at the beginning. I've never seen this show. Easy, mindless tv while sewing ... A great afternoon!

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WoolenSails said...

I love your wool and color choices, that is beautiful. I need to do my last big block and the borders, was hoping to have it finished, but not sure.