Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Few Things

1.  This quilt is finally home.  It's been at Spring Water Designs since last winter.  Welcome home!

2.  Birthday gifts from My Cute Husband.  I have wanted an electric pencil sharpener for-evah! Of course, with a pencil sharpener comes pencils.  And ... peanut M'nM's are my favorite.

3. A post-birthday surprise ... my second favorite ... PEEPS. These are Christmas flavored.  Yes, 1 is already missing.

4.  Pretty autumnal yarn that I purchased last week while in MD. Sadly, Knitting Boutique is closing their brick and mortar shop and going strictly on-line.  I will miss popping in, the ladies there are so nice and so helpful.

That's all for today.  We're off to World of Beer for an afternoon of football and knitting.

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