Monday, October 17, 2016

The Weekend

There was a little bit of sewing done, but nothing to show yet ... a partially completed Halloween costume, 2 of 2 Christmas gifts for the Goofies (to any newbies - my sisters Goofy 1 and Goofy 2), a minor alteration of a dress for Kid #2, and hemmed a sundress for Goofy 1.

We did take a motorcycle ride up to Daytona on Saturday. There was significantly more Hurricane damage up there. We got rained on a teeny bit, but mostly - Biketoberfest 2016 was a fun day.

And because of the lack of sewing photos ...

Mallory Square, Key West ... Before Hurricane Matthew.

And ...

I'm prepping parts and a couple of sample "pennies" for a wool demo for my new quilt circle "Appliqué Addicts".  I did NOT make this but swiped it from Pinterest. I have no info about the project but it is a great scrap buster/sample shower for circles.

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WoolenSails said...

Looks like a good day to enjoy a ride, we lucked out when it veered away, but today I noticed the beach was full of rocks and things from the waves, of the last one.