Monday, October 24, 2016

Sunday Yummy

Often on Sunday afternoon, My Cute Husband and I head to World of Beer for football watching, knitting, and of course BEER. I drink water. My group, "Not Your Momma's Knitting Club" meets every Sunday ... we even get a RESERVED sign on our table.  A couple of husbands attend. It's the strangest place ... They let (even encourage) you to bring in food. 

Occasionally someone will bring a crockpot of chili. There are a couple of restaurants in this plaza that do great "to go".  Yesterday, we skipped these because we had an awesome breakfast.

Steve tried a Facebook recipe - cinnamon roll waffles.

Turned out great!

Just so you know ... there was nothing healthy about this breakfast.

But it sure was yummy.

Oh yeah ... And I finished the sleeves on a little light weight Florida-style sweater.

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Loretto said...

I've seen this on FB and have been dying to try them. Sure looks good.