Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday Morning

Good morning!
I'm still playing with strips and Bargello.

If I ever decide to clean up my cutting table, I might move on to other projects. Or maybe, more Bargello in other colors.  In the meantime, I'm cut and ready to stitch another one.

Loving this color combo.

And ... Because Pat mentioned it yesterday in the comments ...
This is my favorite sewing machine. I can go 80% of all my sewing on it, including sit-down quilting (not very well). Bigger throat space and faster motor.

The IKEA goose necked lamp sits in the back because the lighting in my new sewing room isn't great.  This machine only sews straight. And it does it really well! However, there are times when I need a zigzag for piecing "Frankenbatting" or  blanket stitch for machine appliqué. Then I switch to my 2nd favorite machine ... Bernina 1090 ... I can do 100% of all my sewing on it but the throat space is smaller and motor a little slower.

Handiquilter makes a similar machine. It's a piecing-machine ... as in, it's a fabulous piecing machine. Spring Water Deisigns (Columbia, MD) has them in the shop - stop in and try one out.

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Pat said...

Okay. First, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one using a teensy tiny part of my LARGE cutting area for cutting while the rest is piled up with other things.
Second, that Brother is one of the machines I was seriously interested in way back when at the Savage Mill shop but someone (maybe you?) said I should get a machine with more features. So I did. The only feature I use is the serpentine stitch and the thread cutter. The big throat space is great but I still don't do very well with FMQ on it. If I had more space, I'd still get a Brother or a Juki as a second machine.
Love the colors in this latest Bargello.