Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Starts

Loving this new project!  I'll post the details when it's done ... ok, really - it's in a new book and I don't recall the name of it and the pattern in the book? Yeah, don't remember that either.  But I do love the blocks.  The jelly roll - navy blue and pink and gray and turquoise- great combo!!!  

The books and kits are available at Spring Water Designs. 

Each of the 13 blocks yield 16 cut off triangle pairs. I am keeping up with them and squaring up as I go along.

They're going to be great little pinwheel blocks. 52 little pinwheels.  I might piece them into the backing.

I managed a done (lower case "d").  It's called "Take 5".  Starlyn and I cut and pieced it on Sunday at Spring Water Designs Sunday Service Sewing Day. Today - I quilted it.  Eventually it will be going to the Oncology Unit at St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore.  But first -  binding.

And then ... I loaded up Jane's quilt. It probably won't get quilted until Saturday but it's ready ....

I've been reading in the evenings, which I enjoy but I really need to get back to some hand stitching.

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