Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 Wrap Up

Some old news but I need to blog it so that I can find it ... someday, probably never, but - just in case.

CAPS quilt - My Cute Husband has already transported it south - for his den in our new house (7 more months). We have 3 hockey games to attend in the next week.  He's a big fan - in case you didn't know.

Star Wars quilt for Son-in-law#1.  He's a fan.  I have seen 3 of the 7 movies. 1 from each of the 3 series. That really is enough.

A couple of Grandies, hanging out Christmas afternoon. It was a fun-filled, food-filled day.

The "never ending scarf?"

  It became a cowl. It was not a never-ending-infinity type scarf ... It was a never-ending- I-may-never-finish type scarf.  I like it better as a cowl.

2015 Quilting numbers - this is the part I may never need to reference in the future but is here just in case.

Charity.  16
Friends.   8
Customers. 61
My quilts. 30

Grand total = 115 quilted items this year! 
2014 = 96. 
2013 = 105

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Donna Turner said...

What an intriguing pattern for the cowl! Love it!