Sunday, December 20, 2015

With Time To Spare

The Never-ending-Scarf was on hold.

 I needed to make Kid#1 a hat. She has really short hair. She is hearing-impaired and wears a BAHA ... bone anchored hearing apparatus. She has an implanted snap on her head that is behind and slightly above her ear.  The BAHA is about 1" square and snaps onto her head. Anything covering it causes feedback.  Her job - dog walker.  It's been unseasonably warm in Baltimore this year but that will not last. Soooooo .... Momma to the rescue!

I never knitted a hat. I search Ravelry for a "ponytail hat". Found some yarn that is soft and prefect. May I present ... The BAHA Hat.

Yesterday, My Cute Husband, Mom and I went into D.C. To the Kennedy Center for a Christmas Concert.  It was so festive!  A lovely start to Christmas week.

All gifts are purchased, knitted, stitched, wrapped and under a tree (somewhere). Now on to the holiday baking. 


Cappy said...

Great hat! Sent a friend your way about getting a quilt quilted. grin

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Merry Christmas Mary!

MK Kerr said...

What a great design for your daughter!