Sunday, December 13, 2015


So far my track record stinks for the "Look What I got DONE this weekend" blog post.

I made some blocks for this quilt and then stopped ... I'm short 2 little 3.5" squares of 2 fabrics.  Not a big deal but I can't put even one row together without them. It's a great quilt ... Or it will be after I go to Spring Water Designs tomorrow.

Then I moved on to my box of "Tiny 9's".  My BEE has been swapping little 9-patches for 2 years (maybe 3?).  Our last swap date was November 1st. I have made 27 blocks  (12"x 12").  2 members of the swap still owe me some blocks.  

So I stopped.  My box is getting sparse and I need the variety of what is to come.

And moved on to THIS swap.  I have 34 blocks (planned on 42) really need at least 36.  I could make 2 more but I might get them at our Bee meeting on Wednesday ... so I stopped.

And moved on to this - a cute and fast shop sample.  I was making great progress until I got to the part that said, "using your snap setting tool ..." Hmmmm, I don't have a snap setting tool.

I think I'm going to eat ice cream and knit.  There's always knitting.

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