Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Busy Day = My Life

The pre-coffee hour - "Sassy" is loaded and a 1/2 a pass complete.

On to coffee and a little knitting.  I only got 4 rows done.

Until You-know-who woke up and insisted on some lap time. I used to love those early morning baby cuddles. I've been reduced to behaving like a crazy cat lady. Good grief - who could deny that sweet face!

8:30 - out the door, off to a Christmas Craft Day with some sewing buddies.  I could only go for the morning.  A couple of fabric ornies...

And a beautiful beaded ball.  I was a bit bead-challenged but stuck with it and the result ...

Home to get Mom and take her to an eye doctor appointment 

I did some sock knitting in the doctor's office.

Back home to do more quilting on my "Sassy" quilt

It was really close on the backing fabric.  Just to be clear - I did know it was going to be tight.  I had just enough of the backing fabric.  I knew the quilting was going to look awesome on the back and I didn't want to use multiple fabrics. A "TA DA" moment tomorrow.

Then I finished the day with dinner out with my BEE.  I love my women friends!

Tomorrow - I have to make one more Christmas gift because I decided today that I really need to make - one more Christmas gift.  I know ... CRAZY.  

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