Tuesday, November 24, 2015


My friend Lisa (the pug lover!) showed me this ... mark your rulers!  If you take your rulers with you on sewing adventures - retreat, class, sew fun days - you need a way to identify what belongs to YOU.

Use those FREE address labels that are always arriving in your mailbox.  Just cut out your name and stick it on your ruler.

Pick a spot that you won't need - I used the logo - that way, I didn't take up any important real estate on my ruler. I put the label on the back.

The cut-out name is teeny but it's easy to identify these as mine.  Quilter's are fabulous people.  If I lose it, leave it behind, mix it up with someone else ... I have no fear - my ruler will find it's way back home to me.

AND ... I got the center pennies done on my Pineapple Grove.  Next up - stitching the scallops around the outside edge.

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Pat said...

I also put my name on my scissors and rotary cutters. A Sharpie does a pretty good job. I had hoped to catch your demo at the shop yesterday but I must have been too early.