Saturday, June 6, 2015

Working On It

The LIST ... it's long (as always) and varied (very). 

I don't need to run away and join the circus - I'm already there. My own little circus life. I'm the guy who keeps all those plates spinning on the tall sticks. I'd love to be on the trapeze but I would throw up! So - it's definitely plate spinning for me. I certainly wouldn't make it as an animal trainer.

Besides sewing (LOTS) and quilting and spinning, there's knitting and crocheting and stitching and ... I joined icad 2015 (index card a day - goggle it!). AND - gardening (a little) and houselove (if I don't call it work, maybe I'll enjoy it??) and teaching (which involves samples) and taking care of Mom and My Cute Husband and Rocky (he sleeps a lot).

With all that is on the LIST, I thought I share what's new ...

A sweater, made with sock yarn

The yarn bowl was a Mother's Day gift from Kid#2. I loved the sock yarn so much, I bought it twice. Why not buy it 2 more times and make a sweater!

On the quilting frame - a big (83 x 110) quilt.  Donated by the family of a guild member who died recently.  It will be a BINGO prize in October.

I hope to get a fabulous volunteer to do the binding.

Then there's the latest hand stitching project.

The hand part came after the machine part. 

But today ... today involves roses - they really need some attention, a trip to Home Depot - we need a new toilet seat for Mom's bathroom and a graduation party for the twins next door - they were only 8 years old when we moved here.

Welcome to MY circus!

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