Tuesday, June 23, 2015

To Be Done

These aren't exactly UFO's.  They are active projects that all need me ... sooner rather than later.

My beautiful Sophie's Universe.  I've twice had to order more yarn.  I think I have enough now.  She needs an 8 row border.  Almost Done!

The binding pile - it was up to 7 quilts.  Now it's down to just 2 that need binding ... for now.

3 simple sundresses ... for my sisters (the Goofies!). They both have July birthdays.  Photo bomb - another Woodland Creatures block has been fused and needs stitching.

A little more hand stitching and a backing - almost there on this shop sample - a Penny Lanes pattern

My Bee swap blocks - tiny 9's.  I need these for July 1st.

There's also a sweater that needs sleeves, my July Birch Tree swap blocks, a class sample that needs "fixin'" and my Wool Club show'n Tell (Monday).  My goal ... to blog about all this stuff this weekend and see how far I've gotten ... Stay tuned!

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