Thursday, June 25, 2015

More OP's

I've often had "suggestions" from friends on how to grow my quilting business.  First of all - I never set out to have a quilting business so I never saw a need to grow.  2. I have a tough time getting my own stuff quilted in between the OP's (other people's quilts).  I don't think I need to grow a business that I never really set out to have.  I'm plenty busy!

Bonus! I get to be a part of sending LOTS of beautiful quilts out into the world.

Barbara's quilt is beautiful AND big.  The quilting (go me!) shows up great on the back.

My customer/friend Mary has made a 3rd "Little Dresses" quilt.  She's way ahead on her Christmas gift list.

My own "to do" list?  I'll do an update post Sunday or Monday or Tuesday .... I have to make progress on something before I do a "progress post."

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