Sunday, May 17, 2015


Spring Clean Your Studio Bloghop. 

I'm not sure how to add a link while typing on my iPad but you really should Goggle this and read/see a whole bunch of fiber folks cleaning up their mess.  It's SEW inspiring.  2 friends (Amalia and Misty) are participating.

I REALLY need this.  I've shared messy photos in the past. It's at it's worst and a bit overwhelming. I decided to tackle just one small part ... a little goes a long way - right?

My wool (and other miscellaneous junk) was getting out of hand.

Much better.  The plaid fabrics and homespun still needs some attention but at least it's all corralled in it's own spot, with no unwelcomed visitors.  

Because I was going to quit there, I didn't take a "before" photo of the rest of this end of the room but I did NOT quit there!

I honestly could not see the carpet before I cleaned up.  

SEW much better!

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