Thursday, March 5, 2015

SNOW DAY - again

We got 8".  My Cute Husband made 2 trips out to run his snow blower.  And Mom and I? We were NOT on a plane to Florida to visit Kid#2.  Instead of sitting on the patio in short sleeves, I spent the day puttering ... in a sweatshirt and warm socks.

I came across 4 yards of very pink flannel ... wonder what the heck THAT was for.  I made a quilt back for a very old UFO.  My Rangley Stars (Deb Tucker pattern) is well on it's way to being DONE!

Tomorrow, because I still won't be in Florida, this quilt will get finished!

1 comment:

rubyslipperz said...

LOL...I have some yardage that resembles that remark! =P The quilt is really pretty and the pink goes along with the spunky top. =)