Thursday, February 26, 2015


Woo HOO!! 2 days in a row - I'm really rocking this blog thing.  

It's snowing ... I'm undecided if it's a SNOW DAY or just a day that it happens to be snowing. Either way - surprise ... I have a ton of projects to work on - sewing, knitting, stitching, crocheting, quilting.  

Which one which one which one?

Nickel Christmas is quilted.  It needs to be trimmed and bound.

4-Patch Posy is started.  I need to make some more blocks and write up the directions ... Because yesterday I thought I needed to START a project and it had to be a SPRING project.

My beautiful knitted afghan is close to being done - only 36 rows left!

Let's see - what else ...
The Fern Ridge sweater parts are all done - needs to be put together and the button band knitted.
2 charity quilts are waiting for the HandiQuilter magic and 2 customer quilts.
I have yarn all ready for a knit-along that started last Sunday ... I'm a few days late.
A needle keeper class sample that needs the final stitching done - before May, plenty of time.
2 of MY quilts finally got borders.  They need some HQ magic.
BOM Enchanted Garden - #9 (of 9!) is all prepped.  Now I have to do the fancy stuff.
Imperial Blooms block 8 (of 9) is almost done.

Jeez ... Here I sit chatting with you and watching the snow.  The coffee is done!  I'm ready to jump start my day.

Unless ... 

if it turns out to be a SNOW DAY, then I get to crochet.

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