Wednesday, December 17, 2014


On Monday, I did a free demo on using specialty thread on the Handiquilter.  Don't own one yet?  You can buy one at Soring Water Designs in Columbia, MD!!

Anyway - I've always struggled with metallic-type threads on my sewing machine.

When Dawn asked me to do the demo ... I had to figure this out and make it work and I did!

The thread needs to be horizontal.  Spinning off in the correct direction means no "extra twist". That alone made a big difference.  Slowly down also helped.  I tend to drive too fast.  And tension - back off the top tension on these threads and life gets a whole lot better.

I quilted 2 (TWO!) of the Christmas tree wall hangings with silver metallic glitter thread and it did not break even once!!

There are lots of fun threads on the market, even glow-in-dark.  Try them out!

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