Sunday, December 28, 2014

Still Celebrating

This Sunday morning I am sitting quietly.  I've been catching up on some blog reading and aimlessly wandering around the Internet.

My view ...

The Christmas mess is all around me, a new sweater knitting project near by and the start of a crocheted afghan, with new Christmas-gift yarn. Coffee is almost ready and smells yummy.  I'm an early riser (6ish) but wait to start the coffee until the rest of the family (My Cute Husband and my Mom) might wander down to join me.

The last holiday dessert was FAB-O ... as always.

A family favorite!

Today, my goal is to keep my slippers on ... in other words - I hope to stay right here - at home, maybe even right here - in my cozy place with knitting. I love everything about Christmas but today is a vacation day.  I'll start cleaning up the mess tomorrow.

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