Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Oh, Christmas Tree

A long time ago ... 6 or 7 years ago ... I started to make a quilt (haha- heard this story before?). Anyway , it was going to be a shop sample. I started it and worked for a bit and then stopped.

1. It was a full size bed quilt.
2. It was done with templates (way more than a 4-letter word).
3. It had an appliqué border
4. With a bias vine.
5. We only had 2 other kits for sale

Basically - it wasn't a good business decision to make this quilt.  The other kits sold without a sample and the shop closed. This quilt sat for 3 or 4 years in a box.

Then Starlyn and I started working on making the tree blocks - on retreat, on sew-days.  Sometimes the trees came on retreat and never made it out of the box.  Sometimes we made a few (or lots) but never enough.

Then we redesigned it ... to a smaller quilt and ditched the appliquéd border and divided up the trees and on Saturday we sitiched 2 quilt tops!

We did make the trees right side up.

On Tuesday, I quilted them!  I even did my binding and label.  Starlyn - your binding is made but not sewn.

Another UFO is off the LIST!

Moral of the story - do not listen to well-meaning family/friends. Do not throw away long neglected projects.  Sometimes the curator of the museum (that would be YOU in your sewing space) discovers a treasure that needs a little dusting off and suddenly - you have a new quilt.

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