Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Today, I scored 2 DONES!!

My Bee swapped Shoo Fly blocks over the year in 2013 and we each made our own 9-patch blocks.  Then mine sat in a box ... And I never did make enough 9-patches.

But ... here she is!

Thanks to my friend Karen, we layed out what I had and instead of using the 9-patch blocks alternating with the Shoo Fly, we placed them around the outside edge.

A couple snuck into the center (I needed 3).  After placing all the blocks - I had 1 left over (label!).

Quilted yesterday and bound today = DONE.

And then ...

This little guy (24"x27") was made leader-ender style from little leftover bits (2 years ago).  All it needed to be finished was a border.  Got it done at retreat.  Quilted and bound today = DONE.

Today was a great DONES day!

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janie krig said...

Really beautiful quilts, good for you!