Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Day Late

Well ... not really late, more like - a day behind.  I seem to often post about what I did yesterday. Mostly because I never know what the heck is going to happen during my day, until the day is done and then I might know what the heck happened.

Yesterday was another busy day (as always). I finished another OP quilt.  Sheila said the appliqués are on backwards - but I like it.  The fabrics are yummy soft looking.  I just love a humble quilt.  They are the best!

And I made a small quilt top (44"x44"). Fast, easy piecing using a specialty ruler from Creative Grids - Curvy Log Cabin, and a Cut Loose pattern.  Both are available from Spring Water Designs. I chose to do mine in red and white.   I think it looks like a Peppermint Starlight Candy.

Today, I might get it quilted ... Tomorrow we will know what happened today.

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