Monday, October 6, 2014

An OP Uh-Oh

Quilting OP's (other people's) quilt is fun. I get to quilt - a lot, in between the much longer process of piecing my own quilt tops.

I quilted this BIG t-shirt quilt for a friend (to give her husband for Christmas). Actually I made this from his shirts and then quilted it.

I enjoyed making it because she's so excited about it and he's going to love it.  It's a nice quilt.

BUT - it's done, out of my house and mostly out of my head.  Enjoyed the experience but it's Jack's quilt, made from Jack's shirts and it's all about "Jack's ride". 

But THIS quilt ...

I quilted it and it's done and it will be returned to it's owner on Wednesday and it will NOT be out of my head.  I LOVE it and NEED it and want to make it!!

It's a simple design, a humble quilt of many fabrics.  I'm not exactly sure what about it speaks to me.  Maybe it's just the fact that I have a box full of Christmas fabric.

Sometimes, quilting for other people has a side effect ... more projects to start!  That's not really a bad thing ... right?

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Brenda said...

I sleep under a double four patch like that. It's an easy quilt to do that looks complicated, and it works well as a value quilt -- with good contrast between light and darks.