Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Goodbye ASIG

My Guild has thrown down a UFO challenge.  Pretty simple, make a list and start sewing. Bring your FO (finished object) to a meeting for Show 'n Tell.  There will even be prizes ... I'm not really motivated by prizes.  Getting stuff finished is a BIG prize in my book!

I got a UFO done this past weekend.  When a quilt shop closed, we (staff) swapped blocks - a good bye gift to ourselves, sort of a commemoration of our time at the shop.  I finally made my quilt.

The center block is part of the shop logo.  It's a small quilt - 40" square.  The border is selvedges.  That seemed appropriate - a quilt about a quilt shop.

Today ... it will no longer be DONE.  I'm taking off the binding and re-doing it.  It's an awful binding.  Well - it's actually it's quite a nice binding but I did a terrible job sewing it.  I've tried to convince myself that it was "OK", but really it's not and I'm going to cut it off and re-bind the quilt. 

It's not a spectacular quilt, but it does deserve a better ending.  

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