Thursday, August 7, 2014

Anniversary Quilt

Done ... as in MY part is Done ... the quilting is Done.

I was playing with a new app - Photo Collage - it's free, very basic and the best part - I easily figured it out. 
                        Here's a peek at Rosa's quilt

Our guild - Southern Comforters of Bowie (MD), makes a quilt top every year.  Anyone who wants to, gets to help.  At our annual anniversary dinner (in May), all members' names go in a bag and winner is drawn.  My friend Rosa won the 2014 anniversary quilt!  

The quilting really shows up on the back.  

Rosa now gets to design a top/block for 2015.  Maybe THAT will be my lucky year.

She's picking it up Friday but I thought she's like a quick look at it.