Saturday, July 26, 2014

Road Trip

Car travel is great knitting time. I stitched and napped on the way sourh. I knitted and napped in the way home (north), and blogged - anything to pass the time. 

I made great progress on a new sock. Started in the car at 10:00. This is a progress shot at 5:45. 

How fun is this yarn!  It's called "sea Turtles".  Hand dyed on the Outer Banks at a great shop. 

The shop has a really nice spot for sitting and knitting, or as my Cute Husband found - a great spot for sitting and looking at Facebook while I shopped. 

Car knitting is easy with my handy Traveling Dizzy Lizzy. Can you see it hanging from my wrist?

The yarn spins off as I knit - no tangling and rolling away. 

My new son-in-law makes them - so very handy!

Yes - they are for sale! Not a paid advertisment but I do have an affiliation.  

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