Monday, March 10, 2014

It's All About Denim

This is not the biggest quilt I've ever quilted, but it sure is the heaviest quilt ever.

Motorcycle t-shirts, all nicely stabilized, and it has a denim border.

The back?

More t-shirts, nicely stabilized and lots more denim.  

This quilt weighs 10 lbs.  that may not sound like a lot ... but for a quilt - it's a lot.  My HQ Avante quilted through this thing without the least problem.  I used "Glide" thread in the top and a poly thread in the bobbin and it did not break. NOT ONCE!

The same customer had a second quilt.

More denim - front AND back, with lots of different sports teams and sport- themed circles.

Very fun quilt!

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