Friday, March 14, 2014


Recently, at my guild retreat, a member made an off-hand comment to me, "I don't know how you get so much done."  My joking reply, "good time management."  I never actually thought about it and if asked, I would never have seriously said that I did have good time management skills - think I am really good at wasting time!

Today I did think about it.

I have an unexpected opportunity to go to the Lancaster Quilt show today, leaving at 9:00.  I got up at 6:30, showered, dressed, made the bed and was downstairs at 7.  Went to get my "quilt show shopping bag" from my sewing room and there sat my cute little raccoon.

I sat down and finished all the machine stitching on him ... very too cute!  At 7:30, I was back upstairs.

Started the coffee and picked up my birds to stitch a few circles while waiting.  

27 circles done!

That's when it occurred to me - maybe I am good at time management! So I put down the birds and decided to "waste" time on a blog post.

It's now 7:50, coffee's done, blogging is done, now I'll stitch a little, sip my coffee, visit with my mom (I just heard her getting up) and head to PA in an hour.  And yes, I will bring knitting for the car ride.

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Pat said...

I'm very jealous. I wish I were going to Lancaster today.

Love your little racoon.