Saturday, December 21, 2013


Yesterday was brought to you (actually to ME) by the letter B ...

BORDER - strings all stitched together and it made a lovely border for another GREEN quilt.

BINDING - quilted, bound and labelled!

It's called "Patchwork Park" and it almost disappears in my front yard.

BACKING - too close - AGAIN! This time I knew it was going to be tight and I planned to sew a muslin leader/ender to the quilt top.  Sewed the leader and promptly forgot the ender.  But I had just enough.

BLOOD - mine! I had to take off my Leader Grips and PIN the backing and stabbed myself - AGAIN.  It actually bled more than I would have thought.  No blood dripped on the quilt!

See how close the backing is pinned?  And yes, that is masking tape holding the tissue to my finger so I could finish my quilt.  

I really need to keep bandaids in my sewing room.

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Charlene S said...

My B is binding which I will be doing until New Year's. Borders will be the first B for 2014 LOL.