Wednesday, December 4, 2013


It's time to put the Christmas quilts on the beds.  That's a fairly easy task in the grand scheme of Christmas decorating ... except I can't find my Christmas bed quilt.  Since completion, it's never left the house so it has to be here somewhere.

In the meantime, while searching, I found this long forgotten quilt.

I think I made it 10 or 12 years ago - back when I wasn't real good about labels.  Side note - LABEL your quilts, you'll be glad in 10 or 12 years!

This quilt was made using the Cotton Theory method - did it, never need to do it again, and my embroidery machine - can't even get that sucker to work any more ... Even reading the directions doesn't help.

So, while continuing to look for my queen-sized Christmas quilt, (it can't just be "tucked away") - it's too big), I put this patriotic quilt on the bed.  It was a good quilt - in it's time.

Of course, I think every quilt is a good quilt.

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