Monday, December 30, 2013

Mistake = Opportunity

I borrowed my friend Peggy's Twisty Turn Pinwheel ruler ... Many months ago.  My guild's challenge this year was - do something you've never done, a new technique, a new ruler, a new something.  I made a "one block wonder", but the challenge inspired me to finally use this new-to-me ruler.  

There wasn't really detailed instructions with it but I'm a smart girl.  How hard could this be?  Oh yeah, and while I'm at it - how about if I make it look like a Christmas tree?  It's all about color placement - right?

Here's what I started with ...

Yeah - I should have stopped right there.  But no - I cut and sewed on ....

Did I mention there were not really good instructions?  And NO WHERE in the little plastic bag did it say anything about making a tree shape!

Sew ... what's a quilter going to do with this odd thing?

Make it part of a backing, of course.

AND, actually read the paper that IS in the little plastic bag and actually look at the pictures that are ON the paper.  

"May All Your Lights Be Green" - my motto for 2014. Green quilts and using up what I've got (going GREEN).

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