Thursday, December 12, 2013

D.O.N.E. and it IS a Good Feeling

A couple of weeks ago, my sister, (Goofy1), asked me to make a t-shirt quilt for her to gift her husband for Christmas.  Yeah, I know - a quilter would never ask this of another quilter a month before Christmas.  And remember - I can't be doing binding on Christmas Eve ... this baby has to be mailed to Vermont.

Sew ... in between teaching Handiquilter classes, knitting socks, preparing for my kitchen to be demolished (starting tomorrow), customer quilts, Thanksgiving, bee retreat (SEW FUN!), and just general "life" ... I made a t-shirt quilt.

Simple, straight -set 15" blocks, a little sashing and borders - I love it!

They're mostly her shirts - "prettier, brighter, more colorful, than Dan's shirts".

The two of them have been on a lot of adventures.

This quilt will be heading to VT this afternoon.  ALL of my "made" obligations for 2013 are complete.  


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Kathleen said...

wait a're having your kitchen torn up the week before Christmas????? huh?