Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Another DONE

A long time ago my friend Starlyn made a quilt for her son and his new bride - they're oldest child is 12. She started hand quilting it and put it down ... and there is sat for a long time.  It moved to a different state and a couple of different houses.

Then we went on a BEE retreat.  Late one night 6 of us sat around and had a good ol' fashioned un-quilting bee.  We separated the quilt from the back and batting. Wish I had taken pictures.

After 2 days at the Handiquilter ...

I did a lot of custom free-motion quilting on this beauty.

It's a great quilt!

It will have a binding and be on it's way to Alabama for Christmas.  Another beautiful quilt going out into the world.

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