Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Alive And Well

Blogging has certainly gotten away from me.  I'm baaaack - at least for today!

Sewing and quilting and knitting have continued. Christmas shopping - not so much.  I am NOT one of those folks who prefer Christmas wait unti after Thanksgiving.  I stretch out the "holidays" from Labor Day until New Years.  This year, I'm way off schedule and I'm really trying not to stress about it.

Sew I quilt ...

Olive made this wonderful red work quilt.  I just LOVE red and white together!

And I've quilted a couple of baby quilts for her (OP quilts - I did not piece them, nor do I own them).

LOVE the backing fabric on this one.

And a sweet little 9-patch with dinosaurs.

Yes, there are more but I better pace myself on blog posting - there's always tomorrow.

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