Friday, September 20, 2013

Crazy Mixed-Up Day

Friday was a crazy day.  I didn't have any HAVE TO activities or projects. I did (as always) have lots of stuff to keep me busy.  I was all over the place with accomplishments.  I just couldn't stick to one thing.

While having coffee, I decided to start a new crochet scarf project.

It's so soft and pretty.  After having coffee with Mom, I went to the sewing room.

I started quilting Margaret's BINGO quilt and remembered I needed to start the laundry. When switching the laundry, I saw Mom's pants that need to be hemmed (3 pairs).  I brought them into the sewing room and there sat (and squawking at me) the bird blocks.  I stitched on bird #23 until the washer stopped.  After switching the laundry, I worked on and finished Margaret's quilt.

THEN I got dressed and fixed lunch.

Back to the laundry and decided I should hem Mom's pants - 2 pairs done (1 left to go).

I did finally put the clothes in the dryer and decided to load up another quilt - a small, charity quilt that belongs to Leslie.  BUT - the batting needed to be pieced.  When I went to piece the batting, I found Kid#1's jeans that needed a repair, so I did that.  Then I pieced the batting for Leslie's quilt and made up 2 other "Franken Batts".

Quilted Leslie's top (1 of 3). And thought it might be a good example for a class I'm teaching next Wednesday so I brought it to the cutting table to trim.

Instead I hemmed Mom's last pair of pants finished the laundry and made Mom a milkshake.  I worked some on the scarf and remembered I still had to trim the quilt ... back to sewing room. Trimmed the quilt.

Now - instead of working on birds or socks or scarves, I thought I'd sit down and write a blog post about my day.  Some days it seems like I finish a LOT of stuff.  That's because, somedays I start a lot of stuff, and somedays I progress on stuff. And somedays I take a walk - but not today.

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