Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Very Quilty Weekend

I've been quilting - a lot - this weekend.  

My HQ had an Ouchie.  I broke the tension disk and had to order a replacement part.  Meanwhile 15 quilts have been sitting there - calling me, taunting me.

Dawn, of Springwater Designs and her fabulous fix-it husband, Bob, came over on Thursday and got me back up and running .. Or rather quilting.

Here's what I've done ...

A sweet "Dora" baby quilt

A "wildcat" quilt. I think it's a gift for a college student

A charity quilt - it's made with sign language fabric and hands

Another charity quilt made from left-overs.  I don't know what the charity is - maybe something for hearing impaired?

A BINGO quilt - I need to look up, just how many I have quilted.

And ... another BINGO quilt.  The BINGO event is next month.  I should be winding down on THAT quilting.

There's another quilt loaded on the frame waiting for me.  And 4 more waiting patiently next to the machine.  I'll think about that tomorrow.

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