Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Cutting into a hand knit garment takes a lot of courage.  I made this cute tank but it was way too flared for me, sort of "tent" looking. I really do NOT need lots of attention draw to my hips.

This is folded in 1/2.  The right side of the photo is the center of the tank top - you can see - very flared. The tape is placed where I plan to sew it and CUT IT!

Here's the cut off bits.

It totally worked!  I have to wash and block it and then I'll do another photo.  I really liked the pattern because the top (of the top) - the neckline and arm holes - fit perfectly - not too low or too high.

The pattern - Flow, on Ravelry.  I will make this again and NOT do so many increases.

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