Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sunshine on Shasta

Yesterday, I made a quilt.

Ok - I just retread that first sentence - what an announcement!  I made a quilt? Of course I did.

Here it is.

It's a little quilt : 11" x 13".  That's how (why) I made it in an afternoon.  I was playing around with my hand-dyed fabrics and this piece looked like a flower to me.  Completely unintentional dyed effect.

I decided to try a little trapunto - didn't quite get the look I was going for but I did learn a few things.  

I'm not sure if there is a top/bottom direction to it.  I ended up using 4 layers of different battings and quilting it 4 times.  Yes, it's a little stiff and NO - it is NOT a placemat.

Just an afternoon of playing at something I've never tried.

1 comment:

Misty said...

cool! now paint over the top of the quilting, lol.