Saturday, June 22, 2013

Stash Report #25 and The Sewing Biker

It's been awhile since I've reported on the stash. Even when I don't blog about it, I do still keep track.  I haven't used nearly as much yardage as I had hoped by this point.  I need to step up the sewing and start using more fabric.

Used 3.5 yards. Used this year : 77.75 yards
Added : 0 yds.   Added this yr :  32 yards

TOTAL : - 45.75 yards

At least it's in the minus column!

When we were in San Antonio last week, I saw a "sewing biker!"  And he was using a treadle machine.
It was pretty cool! Hundreds of biker veterans and this guy was sewing.

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Cappy said...

That's quite a machine he's got on that treadle! Any idea what kind it is?